The Cabin New Classic Reading Light
  • The Cabin New Classic Reading Light

New Classic Chromium

  • 621HLED

Chromium plated brass.

1.935,00 DKK
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New Classic is a range of lights with a soft timeless design meeting the demand for both reading and general light. The bell swivels smoothly in all directions to cast a pool of

light wherever needed. The lights gives exellent reading light.

Chromium plated brass.

Colour temperature: 2700k, CRI >85

The lights are mounted with one warm white replaceable CABIN G4 LED.

The lifetime of the G4 LED more than 15.000h.

Multivoltage 10V-30V.

A: 80mm

B: 130mm

C: 92mm

D: 130mm

10V - 30V

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