The Cabin NEW LINE Reading Light
  • The Cabin NEW LINE Reading Light
  • Foto: X-Yachts A/S

New Line Stainless Steel Brushed

  • 311HLEDBRU
960,00 DKK
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The NEW LINE range of lights is designed for use in smaller yachts or as reading light in any yacht. The bell swivels in all directions.

The lights are mounted with one warm white replaceable CABIN G4 LED wich gives exellent reading light.

Colour temperature: 2700k, CRI >85

Multivoltage 10V-30V.

The lifetime of the LED is more than 15.000h.

A: 72mm 

B: 110mm

C: 72mm 

D: 110mm

Stainless Steel
10V - 30V

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